Extreme Hotel Makeover

With millions of hotels around the world, the hotel industry is certainly very competitive. There are hotels charging thousands of dollars per night – catering purely for the rich, famous and lavish. Yet on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there are 100% eco friendly hotels, built towering up in trees, relying on nature to provide everything needed. All sorts of hotels can be hugely successful in their own right, constantly booked up and praised by all.

However for every successful hotel, there are many more unsure, unsuccessful and failing hotels, struggling on day by day, praying for something to come along and magically turn them around. Speaking to anyone around the world with a bit of traveling experience will undoubtedly have a few amusing anecdotes or terrifying tales about previous encounters with hotels from hell.

Unfortunately for the smaller, independent hotel, it is very easy to get sucked into vicious cycles where customers are put off by tired decor and slightly run down exteriors. Yet owners are skeptical or nervous about taking out risky loans in order to carry out refurbishments. It is all too easy to become a monotonous place to stay, lacking in character, which resembles hotels commonly found on the side of highways.

What can be done for a hotel wanting to inject a new lease of life into its veins? Well a fresh pair of eyes is a good start, many minor things that could be easily fixed yet create bad first impressions can be highlighted and rectified. Secondly a spring clean will show off your hotel in its best light. Thirdly upping staff moral can create a world of difference, smiling, chirpy staff will reflect in customers, making life easier for everyone.

All hotel owners should take a step back, just for a second, to identify its own strengths and weaknesses. Think about how to make the customer thrilled rather than just satisfied. Motivate staff with incentives to provide the best quality service around. Any hotel around the world could benefit from an external review being honestly critical, clearly highlighting potential downfalls that the hotel could be aware of, or blissfully unaware.

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