Tom Walter

Tom Walter

Principal, President

As President of Applied Hospitality, Tom is an expert in hospitality operations. Tom has a contagious passion and an unwavering commitment to creating raving fans and is a master in financial planning, business operations, leadership coaching and business planning.

BA Fordham University, NYC  – Finance and Accounting

MBA Fordham University NYC – Media Management

Tom started working in financial planning at a large media company –  Role grew to new business development including opening new offices both domestically and around the world.

Traveling extensively for years, Tom learned the hotel business from the guest perspective while understanding what it takes in the background to get it done and done right. Gaining a vast knowledge of commercial real estate knowledge.

Ken Masi

Ken Masi


Kenneth Masi is a hotel, bar and restaurant owner, operator and developer with nearly 15 years of experience in the hospitality field. Ken brings a strategic knowledge of sales and marketing to help drive results in the leisure travel, restaurant, bar, and spa segments of hotels.

An expert in the wants and wishes of the LGBT community, he has intimate knowledge of one of our core target markets (LGBT – That’s right). As a frequent luxury traveler himself, Ken has learned hospitality from the guest’s experience providing a unique perspective to the team.

Ken graduated from Duke University in 2001 with a bachelor of arts degree in history as well as a Markets and Management Studies certificate. Following his time at Duke, he started his professional career as an associate editor with Showboats International Magazine. In 2004, he joined the team at Southern Boating Magazine as their Senior Editor where he was responsible for content creation of many travel related articles.

Helping readers identify and discover new and unique locales positioned Mr. Masi for a shift into the hospitality field. In 2008, Mr. Masi joined Applied Hospitality as a partner. With a lifelong desire to improve people’s lives, Ken loves working with hospitality owners and enjoys the challenge of crafting and promoting beautiful and intuitive experiences.

David Sanford

David Sanford

Principal, Asset Operations

David is responsible for the smooth operation of the physical properties in the Applied portfolio, including extensive renovations and construction, design aesthetics, energy management, property conservation, preventative facilities maintenance and code compliance.

Prior to founding Applied Hospitality, David operated his own construction management and consulting firm in the NYC metropolitan area.

David is a seasoned hospitality operator with over 25 years of real estate development and construction experience. David’s projects have included high-end hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, lux homes, workforce housing, industrial office space, schools, churches and multifamily condominiums.

David received his education at Pratt Institute, School of Architecture Brooklyn, New York. David’s expertise is not limited to construction, his deep knowledge of real estate allows him to properly price risk and remediation for potential acquisitions.

David is an expert in value engineering as well as in managing the entire property development and management cycle.