We Create The One Of A Kind Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Bars & Restaurants

We Are The Niche Hospitality Owners, Operators and Consultants That
Create Solutions And Produce Real Results.

Our vision is to create niche hospitality properties in unique locations offering world-class service while bringing the world to you. Above all, whether via high aesthetic values, awesome locales or creative programming, we seek to create and manage full service hotels with one goal in mind, to surprise and delight its diverse guests.   This is how we’ve developed an all-star collection of boldly innovative properties—stay tuned to see what happens next.


With over 35 years of combined development and management experience, we are experts at guiding owners and investors through launching new properties or relaunching and rebranding existing properties. From renovation to new construction, we are able to assist in all phases of project management. Through the years we have cultivated partnerships with amazing architects, engineers and contractors who love working with us and who deliver outstanding results.


Applied is led by risk takers with a penchant for facts and figures. Creatives who are fascinated by results. We bringe answers, ideas and ROI to the table in ways you’ve never seen before.

Our approach to enhancing revenue and profit generation is at the core of what separates us from our competitors.


Today’s hotel, vacation rental, spa, bar or restaurant is not merely a destination, it is a convergence of an array of incredible experiences. We create places that people go to, and not through. We are visionaries who see more than heads in beds and more than just a typical bar or restaurant.

We’re looking to create unique experiences and we’re creating something new for guests daily.


We Are Across The Street From Ordinary

We acquire, develop, renovate, and manage unique properties that exude a timeless appeal.  Our clients represent a diverse group of properties including new build projects, historic building transformations, and mixed-use developments.